Immortals Lion Dance Style

Our lion dance style is originally based on the Choy Lai Fut system.  Through the years, we have incorporated our own style and integrated today's acrobatic flair.  We stress a good foundation with strong stances and powerful Southern head movements.  Coupled with agility, stamina, and teamwork, these features are the main components of our lion dance technique.

Our Gung Fu is also a mixture of several different styles.  Our main system is the Five Family Five Animals Style, originally taught to Jeff Chan by Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong, and later taught to the Immortals by Sifu Al Leong.

Lion Dancing History

Chinese folklore has many stories of the evolution of the lion dance.  In one, an emperor had a dream that a mystical beast had saved his life.  He was so inspired by this beast, that he had artisans construct a facsimile of the creature and hired entertainers to perform a dance for his amusement.

In another tale, a peculiar animal appeared on the eve of Chinese New Year to destroy a small village.  To protect themselves from more devastation, on the following year, the villagers assembled a figurine out of bamboo and cloth which looked identical to the animal.  Accompanied by the pounding of a drum, clanging of a gong, and clashing of cymbals, the villagers mimicked the ferociousness of the beast and chased it away.

Finally, legend has it that in the heavens, a playful but mischievous lion angered the gods one too many times.  As a result, the lion was beheaded and thrown to earth.  The Goddess of Mercy witnessed the unfortunate event and felt sorry for the innocent lion.  With a magical red scarf, she tied the lion's head to its body and brought the lion back to life to roam the earth, chasing away evil spirits and bringing good luck and fortune to those who watch it perform.