Immortals 1960
In the early 1960's, Jeff Chan informally established the "Chinese Lion Dancers of Los Angeles."  Jeff took in a group of kids from the L.A. Chinatown neighborhood to train them in martial arts and lion dancing.  He was the first person to start his own group not tied to a family association or Gung Fu school.  To this day, several of the original members still perform with their grown children.

In 1978, the group adopted the name "Immortals" based on the Chinese folklore of the 'Eight Immortals'.  Our group colors are Red and Black, symbolizing General Kwan Yu from the Three Kingdoms Period.  General Kwan represents courage, bravery, uprightness, and loyalty.  He is regarded as a peerless hero and an exceptional fighter.  He is also the patron saint of Chinese martial arts.

Today, the Immortals continue the traditions established by the elder members to promote awareness of the Chinese culture through their performances.  The troupe has performed in various parades, music videos, movies, TV shows, and commercials.  The Immortals have also performed at numerous venues for private parties and corporate functions to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, grand openings,
and other milestones.