Jeff Chan was born in Oakland, California, but began his life-long study of Gung Fu in China.

In 1947, at the age of 13, he was sent to Canton for schooling.  It was there that he received the strong martial arts foundation which is the basis of the dynamic tradition of the lion dance.

He returned to Oakland two years later, having traveled by boat with lion head in tow.  Soon after, he started up his first lion team in Oakland Chinatown with his siblings and a group of his friends.  In addition to Gung Fu and lion dancing, Jeff became accomplished in bodybuilding and later became Oakland's Mr. Chinatown - 1958.

After moving to Los Angeles, Jeff furthered his training with a Canadian instructor in the art of lion dancing and later became master of his own troupe, the Immortals Awaken Lion Club. Below are photos of Jeff showcasing just two of his many performances in Los Angeles: 1) Performing the tiger fork set in Downtown and 2) Making the Lau Bei ceremonial lion come alive in Chinatown which was featured on the cover of Black Belt Magazine's July 1965 issue.